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Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

1. How do I go about putting my child into the nursery?
You can pop into the nursery at any time however if you wish to make an appointment to ensure you can speak to someone you can phone or email the nursery.

On your visit to the nursery you will be shown around and introduced to the staff. We will answer any questions you have and provide information about the nursery and what your child will get up to when here.

You will receive an application pack and if you would like to start your child in the nursery all you have to do is complete this form and hand it back into the nursery. Once you have a start date in mind we will organise 2 settling in sessions for your child, usually the week before they are due to start. This will comprise of one 30 minute session and a 1hr session (free of charge).

2. Do I have to provide nappies for my child?
Yes. Due to so many different brands on the market and children’s allergies we feel it is safer for the child if parents provide their own nappies/pull ups, wipes and creams. This also allows us to keep our prices down.
3. Do you provide lunch or snacks?
Yes. We provide a morning snack at 9am, lunch at 12 noon and afternoon snack at 3pm.

Morning snack consists of toast, cereal, bagels, croissants, etc.

Lunch consists of soup, mince and potatoes, lasagne, curry, pasta, etc.

Afternoon snack consists of cheese on crackers, homemade pizza, nursery baking, wraps, etc.

We have menus on view in the nursery to let parents see and we always have alternatives available if your child does not like something or it is something you would rather your child did not have.

4. What happens if I need to change my child’s days at nursery?
If you need a different day for one week only you can contact us and if we have extra space you can book your child in for that day. If you wish to change your child’s sessions ongoing you should try to give the nursery at least 4 weeks notice. If it is shorter than this we will try to change days where staff ratios allow.
5. Do you have a minimum requirement of days that I have to take?
Yes. You must take a minimum of 2 sessions per week for continuity of care for the child. This can be 2 mornings/afternoons, one morning and afternoon on different days or one full day.
6. Do I have to pay if my child is off sick or on holiday?
Yes. This is stated in the terms and conditions in the application pack. The reason for this is to keep your child’s space when they are not in the nursery.
7. Will my child have the opportunity to have a sleep if they need one?
Yes. If your child is under 2 when they start we ask you to write out a general guide to their day, when and how they sleep, eat, etc so we can stick as close as possible to their daily routine.

If your child is in the 2-3’s room they usually go for a sleep on a sleep mat after lunch time if required.

There are sleep mats and blankets available throughout the day that your child can sleep at any point they wish. In guidance with child protection we are not allowed to keep any child awake in the nursery and if your child is falling asleep at any time of day we will let them sleep.

8. How do I know what my child has done during the day?
We provide an information sheet for each child on a daily basis for you to take home which lets you know what your child has eaten, how they have slept, what their nappies have been like, how they have been at potty training and what activities they have been doing during the day.
9. What time can I bring my child into the nursery?
The nursery opens at 7:15am and you can drop your child off at any time from then.

If your child is in for a morning session they should be picked up by 12 noon.

If your child is staying for lunch they should be picked up 1pm.

If your child is in for a full day the nursery closes at 6:15pm and your child should be away by then. If you wish to speak to a member of staff about your child’s day you should pick them up no later than 6pm.

If your child is coming in for lunch they should arrive at nursery by 12noon.

If your child is coming in for an afternoon session they can arrive anytime from 1pm onwards.

10. What are the staff ratios?
In the baby room we operate on a 1:3 ratio, meaning 1 member of staff for every 3 children.

In the 2-3’s room we operate on a 1:5 ratio, 1 member of staff for every 5 children.

In the pre-school room we operate on a 1:8 ratio, meaning 1 member of staff for every 8 children.

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